Podcast Episodes

Join Todd Krieger, Senior Planning Director at the Jewish Federation, as he and guests explore the reasons for youth mental illness and provide tools for young people and their families struggling to achieve mental wellness.

Episode 01

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones: How to help youth maintain a balanced digital diet to minimize negative mental health effects.

Episode 02

21st Century Relationships

Technology use and interpersonal relationships; understanding the importance of teaching youth to find the right balance to support their mental wellness.

Episode 03


The dangers of gaming and its impact on youth mental health; how parents can set limits to support mental wellness.

Episode 04

Helicopter Parenting

Overparenting: Helpful or harmful? Why doing less is doing more for youth.

Episode 05


Resilience: Why learning what it is like to fail can help youth succeed.

Episode 06


How to help youth learn the value of competency and feel good about it.

Episode 07

Growth Mindset

How a growth mindset can support youth mental wellness.

Episode 08

Coping and Appropriate Emotional Responses

How parents can help youth develop strength, character, and fortitude to face life’s challenges head on.

Episode 09

Support Networks

How to help youth create a healthy support network to promote their mental wellness.

Episode 10

The Resiliency Puzzle Intro

Helping kids develop higher levels of resiliency and coping skills

Episode 11

The Resiliency Puzzle: Technology

Understanding the mental health impact of technology on kids: how to navigate parenting in the 21st century

Episode 12

The Resiliency Puzzle: Relationships

Teaching kids to value and nurture relationships to build a solid support network

Episode 13

The Resiliency Puzzle: Emotional Skills

Helping kids understand the language of emotions to improve coping

Episode 14

The Resiliency Puzzle: Competency

Teaching kids to have the confidence to know they can handle whatever life brings their way.

Episode 15

The Resiliency Puzzle: Optimism

Encouraging kids to have a positive growth mindset to persevere