Month: March 2018

Building Resilience as Your Children Grow

Psychotherapist and author Amy Morin says, “Raising mentally strong kids who are equipped to take on real-world challenges requires parents to give up the unhealthy — yet popular — parenting practices that are robbing kids of mental strength. Watching kids struggle, pushing them to face their fears, and holding them accountable for their mistakes is tough. But those are the types of experiences kids need to reach their greatest potential.”

Amy suggests that parents who train their children’s brains for a life of meaning, happiness and success generally do these 13 things:

  1. They teach their kids to turn failure into strength.
  2. They don’t let guilty feelings lead to unhealthy parenting strategies.
  3. They teach their kids to focus on what they have to offer the world, rather than what they are owed.
  4. They allow their kids to experience the world and life, even if it’s scary and uncomfortable.
  5. They empower their kids to make healthy choices without letting them be the boss.
  6. They have high expectations but don’t expect perfection.
  7. They teach their kids to take responsibility for their choices.
  8. They allow their kids to experience pain in a supportive environment.
  9. They teach their kids to be responsible for their emotions.
  10. They allow their kids to make mistakes.
  11. They teach their kids self-discipline.
  12. They don’t take parenting shortcuts to avoid discomfort.
  13. They never lose sight of their families values and hold their children to them.

Source: Psychology Today