Understanding Anxiety in Young People

January 2, 2019

Anxiety: We all live with it. Anxiety is a normal reaction to the kinds of pressures we encounter every day. Unchecked or out of balance, anxiety can play havoc in a your young person’s mental health.

Nutrition and Mental Health

January 2, 2019

Following a healthy diet plays a large role in taking good care of yourself. Scientists have linked mood swings and other depression symptoms with unhealthy eating and deficiencies in some vitamins and minerals.

Building Resilience as you Grow

January 2, 2019

Life appears easy for young people in the movies, on TV and social media. But the reality is, it’s tough being a young person.

Anxiety, Self Harm and Recovery

Audrey is a warrior.   Audrey has always been a warrior.  A warrior has a sword and a shield.   As a teen, Audrey reached first for her shield for protection. She was protecting those around her from suspecting she was anything other than the “happy go lucky” girl they had always known and loved.   And she... Read more »

Bipolar Disorder

They say a mother knows. That intuition — nurturing and nourishing — can beat most any medical attention when kids are young. Then they leave the nest.   Heading off to college is one of life’s great milestones — the culmination of hard work, creative visualization and aspiration. For George Orley, the University of Michigan promised... Read more »

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January 13th

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Heavy users of social media increase their risk of depression by 27%.

Learn more about how social media affects you and your teen

The Kids on The Site

All of the kids featured on the "We Need to Talk" website live in the metro Detroit area. We are extremely grateful for their participation and willingness to share their stories and insights.
Many of the teens are also participants in Friendship Circle's UMatter program. We are greatly appreciative for the support and partnership of everyone involved in UMatter. Learn more here.